Removing screw from wheel with pliers

Removing and Repairing a Nail in Your Kia Tire

How to Fix a Nail in a Tire 

Many things revolving around vehicles are unavailable and unpredictable. One lingering threat that surrounds our vehicles is stray nails looking for a tire to pop. No matter how conscious you are about where you drive or park your vehicle, you can almost guarantee that at some point in time you’ll find your Kia vehicle has a nail or screw stuck in the tire.  

Once your tire has been punctured, it may take a while for you to notice it’s there. Some nails cause the tire to leak air slowly over time while others pop the tire immediately. For readers who have found themselves with a slow-burn kind of nail in their tire, this guide to how to fix a nail in a tire is for you. Find out how to remove and repair a nail in your Kia tire below.  

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How to Remove a Nail from a Tire 

Now as we said above, this guide is for those who’ve found themselves with a punctured tire that still has some life in it. If a nail or screw made your tire go flat immediately, we recommend heading to your local auto service center (check out the Friendly Kia service page) to get your tire replaced entirely.  

Follow these steps to remove a nail from your tire and patch it up at home: 

Supplies: pliers, plug and patch kit 

Removing screw from car tire
  1. Using pliers, pull the nail or screw straight out of the tire. If the nail is deep and reluctant to come out, use the pliers or a screwdriver to dig around the nail to loosen it for removal.  
  2. After the nail is out, follow the instructions on your plug and patch kit. Each kit offers its own steps and supplies for fixing a tire.  
  3. Check the tire pressure and inflate your tires back up to a safe pressure.  
  4. Bring your vehicle into the Friendly Kia service center to have the patch inspected. If the tire is in good shape, we can patch it from the inside for extra protection. 

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Fixing your tire at home after you’ve run over a nail or screw can save you some money. Follow these steps for how to remove a nail from a tire at home to help you get back out on the road in no time. If you are in need of professional automotive assistance or repair, book an appointment with our service team either online or via phone.