Hand cleaning interior of vehicle with cloth

Rid Your Vehicle’s Cabin of Germs and Illness

How to Disinfect Your Kia Vehicle’s Cabin 

As the importance of keeping things as clean and disinfected as possible has reached a critical peak it is time to look at somewhere that may have slipped your mind – your vehicle. We spend just as much time in our vehicles each day as we do in our homes or at work, which means our cars can be breeding grounds for germs and illnesses. The time is now to deep clean and disinfect your Kia vehicle’s cabin and here are the top 10 things you should be disinfecting in your vehicle.  

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Cleaning and Disinfecting the Inside of Your Car 

When you really think about it you will realize just how much nasty stuff comes into your vehicle every day. The dirt on your boots, the germs on your hands from a day at work, germs from loose change rolling around in the cup holders, trapped sneezes and coughs, and pretty much everything that your body came into contact with just before hopping into the driver’s seat.  

Thankfully, though, keeping your Kia vehicle’s cabin clean and germ-free isn’t too hard. As we continue the fight against COVID-19 the best weapon to use is simple soap. Soap works to break down viruses and germs, so nearly any soap will work in the fight against lingering germs in your vehicle’s cabin. Simple soap can be used on your vehicle’s seats and dashboards and likely will not be too rough and tough on the interior in the way that many high-strength cleaners can. We always recommend a spot test before going full blast on every inch of your car’s cabin just to be sure the surfaces can handle the soap being used. Do not use any cleaners on your vehicle’s electronic systems, including the infotainment touchscreen, as these can damage the systems.  

It is, of course, recommended to wear disposable gloves while disinfecting the inside of your Kia vehicle. You don’t want to be putting the germs from your hands of the freshly cleaned surfaces you just worked so hard on.   

Top 10 Things to Disinfect in Your Car 

Hand cleaning interior of vehicle

Sometimes cleaning can become overwhelming and you may worry about having missed some spots. Here are the top 10 things you should be sure to hit when disinfecting your car: 

  1. Door handles 
  2. Steering wheel 
  3. Gear shifter 
  4. Seat belts and belt buckles 
  5. Window buttons 
  6. Arm rests 
  7. Turn signal levers 
  8. Windshield wiper levers 
  9. Mirrors 
  10. Sun visor 

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