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Skip the Trip and Change Your Car Battery Yourself with These Tips

How to Change a Car Battery Yourself 

There are few things worse than getting behind the wheel of your vehicle and finding that its battery has died. More often than not our vehicle’s battery dies at the most inconvenient of times, causing us to throw our fists in the air in frustration. Whether you can get your vehicle to jump or it’s dead to the point of no return, you’ll need a new battery as soon as possible.  

If you want to skip the trip to an automotive shop to get the battery replaced, you may be thinking about changing the battery yourself. Find out how to change a car battery yourself with these tips from our service team at Friendly Kia.  

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How to Change a Car Battery At Home 

Closeup of car battery in vehicle
  1. Keep the vehicle in park and engage the emergency brake.  
  2. Pop the hood open and use the prop rod to hold the hood open.  
  3. Locate the vehicle’s battery and identify the positive and negative terminals. The red terminal will be indicated with a red cap, a “+”, or “POS.”
  4. Use a wrench to loosen the nut on the negative end of the battery. Loosen the nut enough until you can detach the negative cable. Always start with the negative cable first.  
  5. Use the wrench to loosen the nut on the positive end of the battery and detach the positive cable.  
  6. If the battery is held down with clamps, loosen and remove those now.  
  7. Remove the battery from its designated holding tray beneath the hood. Leave the tray in place.  
  8. Clean the connector wires with a wire brush if necessary.  
  9. Place the new battery in the battery tray.  
  10. Replace any clamps that were holding down the dead battery.  
  11. Reconnect the positive cable to the positive post on the battery and use a wrench to tighten the nut.  
  12. Reconnect the negative cable to the negative post on the battery and use a wrench to tighten the nut.  
  13. Ensure the connections are secure by trying to move the battery around the tray. 

How Do I Know if My Car Battery is Dead? 

There are a few different warning signs your vehicle’s battery will give you when it’s losing power. If your battery is dying or about to die on you, you may notice these key signs as its power begin to drain: 

  • The battery light on the dashboard turns on 
  • The vehicle’s headlights or interior lights are dimming 
  • Electrical features inside the vehicle start failing 
  • The vehicle’s engine is slow to crank and turn over 
  • The vehicle clicks when you try turning it on 

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Have you noticed that your vehicle is struggling to turn on or certain features, like the radio, dashboard lights, or windshield wipers, aren’t working like normal? A draining battery could be well on its way to dying on you and you might soon find yourself with a vehicle that just won’t start. 

You can change your vehicle’s battery yourself at home with these tips from the team at Friendly Kia. If you’re looking to replace your Kia vehicle’s battery yourself, visit our service team at Friendly Kia and we will help you find the perfect battery for your Kia today.