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Friendly Kia Spotlighted in Pasco County

Great Values Mean More than Just Pricing at Friendly Kia

At Friendly Kia, we’ve always taken our role as members of the Pasco County/Northern Tampa Bay community very seriously. Simply put, we love New Port Richey and the surrounding area – the people, the geography (come on now, there are a few “hills,” the local business scene and the sheer variance of ways to spend your time.

To help get the community as excited as we are to be here, we like to share events we find exciting for the weekend. We publish these events every Thursday on our blog. Bookmarking this page can help you stay in the know. Additionally, we highlight other things going on through our Facebook page.

If you’ve been reading the newspaper lately, you may have seen your Friendly neighborhood Kia dealer pop up in an unlikely place. A recent article by Julie Salomone, writing for ABC Action News in Tampa Bay (WFTS) shared a surprise which Friendly Kia and George’s Wholesale Tire Pros were able to deliver to a local and inspiring member of the community.

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Friendly Kia joined George’s Wholesale Tires to provide a free car to Asria Canada, a young person in the area who has been on her own since she was 14. Having gotten a job at 16, Asria graduated at 18 and has since proven how much she can overcome in life.

Now, it’s her turn to enjoy the freedom and luxury of having a set of wheels as she moves into the next chapter of her life, which is attending Pasco-Hernando State College for meteorology.

If this story isn’t inspiring you to tears already, Canada is quoted in the article: “You will be able to succeed as long as you try.”

Friendly Kia and George’s Wholesale Tires were connected with Canada through an organization called Marjorie’s Hope, which is a non-profit that aims to help children in Pasco County. Canada also received the Kathy Steiniger Memorial Scholarship and, to make owning the car as smooth as possible – gift cards for oil changes, maintenance and free car insurance for six months.

We’re inspired, blessed and thankful to live in a community where some of the best of humanity is on display. You see it in the faces of people like Asria Canada and other members of the Northern Tampa Bay area. You also see it in organizations like Marjorie’s Hope that work to help our children.

We’re humbled to be a part of so many stories in such an amazing and thriving place and believe that beyond simply offering great values in our car, we’re guided by great values which the community shares.

If you have any questions about Friendly Kia or the Pasco County community, be sure to let us know!

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