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Do Kia Vehicles Require Premium Gas?

Fuel Requirements for Kia Vehicles 

For most of us, hitting the “87” button at the gas pump is muscle memory. We have gotten in the habit of choosing our vehicle’s gas without thinking twice about the one we are choosing. But have you ever thought about if your vehicle can run on a higher-grade fuel – or if it should?  

For most vehicles these days, including new Kia models, regular 87-octane fuel is the norm and what vehicles are designed to run on. But what happens if you fill your Kia vehicle with a premium gas? Do any Kia vehicles require a higher-grade gas? In this guide from our team at Friendly Kia, we’re going over the fuel requirements for Kia vehicles driving around Tampa Bay, FL.  

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What Kia Models Can Run on Premium Gas? 

The only model in the Kia lineup that recommends the use of premium gasoline is the Kia Stinger. Premium-grade gas allows for optimal performance and an efficient fuel economy.  

Can I Used Premium Gas in Other Kia Models? 

If you use premium-grade gas in a Kia model that does not recommend it, you likely won’t notice much of a difference in the vehicle’s performance. The use of premium-grade gas won’t necessarily hurt the vehicle, but it will add up in terms of unnecessary costs.  

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Kia Vehicle Service Near Tampa Bay FL  

For more information on various aspects of your Kia model, contact a member of our Friendly Kia service team. If your Kia is in need of vehicle service or maintenance, head over to our online scheduling page to book your vehicle’s service appointment today.