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Can I Drive on a Bent Rim?

Five Car Repairs You Can’t Put Off 

Bent rims happen suddenly and sometimes we don’t even notice we have one until we look closely at our vehicles. Getting a bent rim is actually quite a bit easier than one would expect – all it takes is hitting the right curb or pothole and your rim will go from a perfect circle to bent out of shape. But can you drive on a bent rim? 

There are some car repairs you can hold out on and there are some you just can’t avoid. Bent rims are one repair you should take care of right away and it’s just one of the repairs on this list of five car repairs you can’t put off. See below what car repairs our service team at Friendly Kia says you should never skip.  

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Don’t Skip These Car Maintenance Repairs 

  1. Bent rims – It is never recommended to drive on a bent rim, as when this happens your entire wheel can suffer. Bent rims can lead to losing air pressure in your tire and can cause your vehicle to be more difficult to steer. If you hit too high of speed when driving on a bent rim you may even find yourself with a tire blowout.  
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  1. Noisy brakes – If your brakes start sounding like a curbside circus or they feel jumpy and bumpy, it’s time to get them checked out. When brake repairs are done early on you can save yourself quite a bit of money in the long run. If you let the condition of your brakes get out of hand you can land yourself with even more repairs than you may have needed in the first place.  
  1. Oil changes – For some drivers, an oil change is just part of their routine, while for others it is a hassle than always seems to creep up out of nowhere. When you skip an oil change you are risking the health of your vehicle’s engine and various inner workings. Oil changes can be done at home or you can get them done by a pro at Friendly Kia for just a small service charge. 
  1. Cracked windshield – Not only can a cracked windshield interfere with your vision on the road or land you with a ticket, it actually poses quite a few safety concerns. When a windshield is cracked it is more likely to shatter during a front-end collision, cause greater injury in a rollover accident, and may interfere with airbag deployment.  
  1. Recalls – No matter what it is that is being recalled, if your vehicle falls within the affected range of vehicles be sure to bring it into your local dealer as soon as possible. Getting vehicle recalls checked and repaired is free of charge and it is always better safe than sorry when it comes to your vehicle.  

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Automotive Service and Repairs in Tampa 

Any vehicle damage should be taken care of as soon as possible. If you suspect a repair is needed for your vehicle, or something is feeling off while you drive, book an appointment with the service team here at Friendly Kia. We’ll be happy to get your vehicle running like new in no time.