Kia UVO display being configured to set the time and update for daylight saving time

How to Change Your Kia’s Display Time

Do Kia Vehicles Automatically Update for Daylight Saving Time?

We’re willing to bet you have experienced this phenomenon at least once or twice in your life: You’re on your way to work and you take a quick glance at the clock. OH NO! You’re almost an hour late! You quickly try to conjure up what you’re going to tell your boss when it dawns on you—this is the first workday after the Daylight Saving Time change, and you are, in fact, right on time, because you did remember to reset all your other clocks, plus, your phone auto-adjusted to the change over the weekend. Modern cars are quite the same thanks to technological innovations. Do Kia vehicles automatically update for Daylight Saving Time? The short answer is, yes, if you set it up that way! Take a look at how it works. 

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Video Demonstrations of Setting Up the Clock on Your Kia Infotainment System 

It’s easy to set up your new Kia vehicle to have the proper time and to automatically adjust itself when Daylight Saving Time begins or ends. It varies a little bit depending on the specific system you have, but we’ve gathered a few videos going over the process for three different Kia infotainment systems (from left to right, or top to bottom: Standard Infotainment, UVO Link with Navigation System, and UVO e-Services with Navigation). Have a look at which one is right for your Kia model. 

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