Kia Head-Up Display shown on left and its configuration on the instrument cluster shown on the right

Kia Head-Up Display Offers Driving Information at a Glance

Configuring Your Kia Head-Up Display

The instrument gauge cluster has been a vital component of all vehicles for decades, but there is always room for improvement. With that said, room for improvement doesn’t always translate to… actual physical room to put new things. There is only so much space on the instrument cluster behind your steering wheel, and that’s where head-up displays come into play. On select new Kia models, an available Head-Up Display projects relevant driving information directly onto your windshield just above the instrument cluster ahead of the steering wheel so it’s right there within your eyesight. But, which information will you see? You can actually customize that yourself to a degree. Keep reading for a video about configuring your Kia Head-Up Display. 

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Video Demonstration of the Kia Head-Up Display (HUD) 

Important and relevant information about your current ride can be shown when you set up your Kia Head-Up Display. Watch this video for a closer look at what this available feature can offer you. 

See the HUD technology for yourself at Friendly Kia 

Are you interested in experiencing this feature for yourself? You can visit us at Friendly Kia and we can provide an in-person demonstration for you on vehicles from our new Kia inventory. Contact us today! 

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