people spelling july 4 with sparklers

Celebrate Freedom and Independence with Food, Family, Friends and Fun

Happy Fourth of July from the Friendliest Kia Dealership in Tampa Bay!

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the Fourth of July is just around the corner. We’re not kidding. It’s right there, a few steps ahead and around that bend in the proverbial line of time. Although it seems like we were just celebrating Mother’s Day or even the New Year’s Holiday, it’s almost time for our mid-year revelry to honor the beautiful nation we call home.

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At Friendly Kia, we’ve always believed that maintaining a new and used vehicle dealership and service center was about more than simply running a business. Our goal is, and has always been, to provide reliable transportation at a great value to our friends, family members and neighbors in the Tampa Bay community (the nonhuman ones included)

As such, you can bet that despite feeling like it comes out of nowhere every year, the Fourth of July is a favorite in the Friendly Kia community.

At Friendly Kia, we owe a lot to the freedom and rights we have guaranteed because we operate in the United States. As residents in a nation with ideals like perseverance, compassion, acceptance and always standing up against injustice, we’ve made building and supporting the communities in which we operate an inseparable part of who we are.

Beyond simply the freedoms we’re guaranteed in this nation, we have our neighbors, friends and family members in New Port Richey, Pasco County, Tampa Bay and West Central Florida to thank for making every day something to anticipate in our line of work.

This past weekend, we celebrated KIAFest Main Street Blast here in New Port Richey. An annual tradition, KIAFest is our opportunity to inject the fun and whimsy we enjoy into our base of operations with food, live music, fireworks and of course a chance to connect with our neighbors:

Whether you have a gigantic cookout planned with friends you’ve only loosely kept in contact with over the years, a day out at the movies with family or a road trip that takes advantage of the long weekend many employers have been handing out in the spirit of the celebration of American independence, we hope it’s a great one!

From our family to yours, have a great and meaningful Fourth of July! If you have any questions on Fourth of July activities, contact us today!

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