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Which Kias Have Available Sunroofs?

Kia Models with Sunroofs Spring Hill FL

Sunroofs get a bad rap.  Sure, they’re something you can open up to let the Sun in – instant vitamin D party, anyone? – but to some they are seen as a bulky, frivolous use of space.  On the positive side, sunroofs are great for stargazing or for letting a nice breeze during a warm day, or just to increase your connection to mother nature as you pass by.  Where you fall on the spectrum will have some bearing on what type of vehicle you like to drive.

If the whole world was warm year-round it’s easy to imagine sunroofs being standard in more vehicles, but some unfortunate folks toil in freezing temperatures for part of the year.  In Florida, we don’t have that problem, and roofs in the ceiling of our vehicles are the keys to sun and fun year-round.  Put simply, when you’re thinking of sun, you think of sunroofs, and when you think of fun, you think of Kia cars.  So let’s look at which Kia models have sunroofs in Spring Hill, FL. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Kia Sorento SiriusXM Traffic Availability Peter Frampton

Kia Traffic Information is a Sirius Matter

Kia Sorento SiriusXM Traffic Availability and Features

Drivers of 2016 Kia models might be in for a bit of a surprise. Of course, there’s all the good surprises we might take for granted with new Kias, such as the 2016 Forte’s superior fuel economy or the 2016 Soul’s iconic design. But you might have also noticed, if you tried to use the SiriusXM Traffic feature that is available or standard in various Kias that your 2016 vehicle may not show you the traffic information you expected.

Never fear! The same kind of maps that work for 2015 Kia models and earlier years are also available for compatible 2016 Kias. We’ll focus on one of our more popular models for 2016, the Kia Sorento, and check out the SiriusXM Traffic application’s availability and features for the vehicle. We’ll also share how to find more information about SiriusXM Traffic. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Kia models map updates Spring Hill Clearwater New Port Richey FL

How Do I Update My Kia Vehicle Maps?

Map Updates for 2016 Kia Models

A world without maps is about as unfathomable as a world without trees or NFL football.  From the earliest cartographers who set out to document what was contained in the globe to explorers like Ferdinand Magellan and Juan Ponce de Leon who used these maps, all the way to our modern GPS and navigation systems, we desire a means to navigate our world.

If the early explorers used maps so they wouldn’t “fall off the face of the earth,” we now use digital mapping and GPS to give us directions to schools, homes, and events – and ideally, the directions won’t be spat at us by a snotty/sarcastic voice, either.

Need Map Updates for 2017 Kias? Go Here Read the rest of this entry >>