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Removing screw from wheel with pliers

Removing and Repairing a Nail in Your Kia Tire

How to Fix a Nail in a Tire 

Many things revolving around vehicles are unavailable and unpredictable. One lingering threat that surrounds our vehicles is stray nails looking for a tire to pop. No matter how conscious you are about where you drive or park your vehicle, you can almost guarantee that at some point in time you’ll find your Kia vehicle has a nail or screw stuck in the tire.  

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Closeup of warning lights on vehicle dashboard

Debunk Your Dashboard: What Do My Kia Vehicle’s Dashboard Lights Mean?

Kia Dashboard Warning Lights Glossary Guide 

If you’ve found that your Kia vehicle has gotten into the holiday spirit by lighting up its dashboard like a Christmas tree, then this guide is for you. Understanding what all the different dashboard lights mean in our Kia vehicles can be tricky and knowing which ones are urgent and which ones can be ignored for a while (it’s okay, we’re all human) can get confusing. This Kia dashboard warning lights glossary guide will give you the different meanings of each dashboard light in your 2021 Kia Forte to help you the next time your Kia dashboard lights up the night.  

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Mechanic working under vehicle hood

Here’s Why Your Vehicle Isn’t Starting

Why Won’t My Kia Vehicle Start? 

If you’ve just hopped behind the wheel of your Kia vehicle and are wondering why your vehicle’s ignition just won’t crank, then this guide is here to help. There can be a broad range of reasons why your vehicle isn’t starting, and this guide will go over some of the most common reasons why your car is failing to turn on. So, take a deep breath, put the key down, and keep reading to see what’s keeping your Kia Seltos from starting.  

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Person holding iced coffee in car with "How to Clean Spilled Coffee on Vehicle Seats" black text

Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Coffee Out of Kia Seats

How to Clean Spilled Coffee on Vehicle Seats 

Whether it’s your first cup of the day or your fourth, nothing quite compares to that terrible feeling of hitting a bump in the road or taking a turn too tight and your fresh cup of coffee goes flying. If you’ve recently found yourself in this situation and need to figure out how to clean spilled coffee out of your Kia Forte seats quickly, this guide is for you.  

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Vehicles driving through flooded road

What Do I Do When Driving in a Flood?

How to Protect Your Vehicle from Flood Damage 

Flooding happens quickly and rapidly, and we are not always able to get off the road in time before being faced with rising water. Our vehicles are not meant to travel through high levels of standing water, and while some can tolerate a few inches of water, it is always best to avoid standing water whenever possible. 

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Group of kids sitting on edge of pool learning swim lesson from coach in water

Emergency Preparedness: Swimming Skills and Water Safety

Swimming Schools and Lessons Tampa Bay FL 

Learning how to swim might be something fun to do during the summer, but it is also an essential part of being prepared in case of an emergency. Being able to swim is crucial for those living around Florida, as for many the threat of hurricanes and flooding is a yearly occurrence. While hurricanes are something we don’t often like to think about, being prepared for them is critical.  

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Couple looking at tablet to pay off car loan early

How Can I Pay Off My Loan Early?

Steps to Paying Off a Car Loan Early 

For many borrowers, paying loans is something that becomes routine and is done without much thinking. However, after a few years, many seek relief from the monthly payments. Whether you’ve found yourself with a recent bonus check, new job, or any other major change to your financial status, you may be considering cashing in that check and paying off your Kia Sportage car loan early.  

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Closeup of person in suit talking with another individual

Will Deferring My Auto Loan Hurt My Credit?

What Happens When You Defer a Car Payment? 

From time to time nearly every loan borrower finds themselves struggling to make ends meet to pay their car loans. Whether an emergency has come up, a payday doesn’t fall when expected, or additional bills and payments have popped up, finding the money to make a full car payment can sometimes be difficult.  

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Man putting baby in car seat

How to Prepare Your Kia for a New Baby

Car Seat Installation and Inspection Locations in Tampa Bay 

If you are preparing to bring a new child home for the first time you may be finding yourself overwhelmed with things to do. One thing many new parents overlook is how to prepare their vehicle for their new baby. While installing a car seat is obvious, more goes into preparing your Kia for a new baby than just having the right seat installed. Check out our tips below for how to baby-proof your vehicle and see where you can get your car seat installation inspected at various locations in Tampa Bay.  

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Closeup of vehicle wheel

Can I Drive on a Bent Rim?

Five Car Repairs You Can’t Put Off 

Bent rims happen suddenly and sometimes we don’t even notice we have one until we look closely at our vehicles. Getting a bent rim is actually quite a bit easier than one would expect – all it takes is hitting the right curb or pothole and your rim will go from a perfect circle to bent out of shape. But can you drive on a bent rim? 

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