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Closeup of person changing car battery

Skip the Trip and Change Your Car Battery Yourself with These Tips

How to Change a Car Battery Yourself 

There are few things worse than getting behind the wheel of your vehicle and finding that its battery has died. More often than not our vehicle’s battery dies at the most inconvenient of times, causing us to throw our fists in the air in frustration. Whether you can get your vehicle to jump or it’s dead to the point of no return, you’ll need a new battery as soon as possible.  

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Mechanic holding tools

Stress-Free Service Appointments at Friendly Kia

What Will Happen During My Kia Service Appointment? 

Whether you are gearing up for your very first Kia service appointment or it is your first time bringing your vehicle to the Friendly Kia service center, you might be feeling a little on edge wondering what will happen during the appointment. At Friendly Kia, we pride ourselves on providing stress-free service appointments and keeping our customers in the loop with everything going on with their Kia during its service.  

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Tire pressure warning on dashboard

Cooler Florida Weather is Tricking Your Kia’s TPMS Light

Why Does My Tire Light Keep Coming On? 

Here at the Friendly Kia service center we often get a lot of calls and visits once cooler Florida weather rolls in. Often, cool weather can trigger or trick your Kia vehicle tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and flip the dashboard light on. Our team loves to help our Tampa Bay drivers with their Kia questions, so we thought we’d put together this guide to answer the question, “Why does my tire light keep coming on?” to help you solve your TPMS light issue at home.  

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Mechanic working under vehicle

Schedule Kia Vehicle Service and Repair with Friendly Kia

Automotive Service and Repair Near Clearwater FL 

Whether you’ve just purchased your new Kia Sorento or have had it for a few years, finding a reliable service center can help take some of the stress out of routine vehicle service and repair. Here at Friendly Kia our service team knows your Kia best, so your vehicle is always in the best hands here in Tampa. 

At the Friendly Kia service center near Clearwater, we can take care of all of your automotive service and repair needs, from routine maintenance to any major repair. When you schedule Kia vehicle service or repairs with Friendly Kia you can rest assured that your vehicle will be on its way back to like-new condition.  

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Man looking confused with "Why is my Kia Soul beeping?" black text

Why Is My Kia Soul Beeping?

Kia Beeping Noises Explained and Fixes  

Hearing a constant beeping noise is enough to drive any person crazy. Hearing a constant beeping noise in our vehicles is an entirely different kind of insanity. When we hear beeping in our vehicles our first thought is often that something is wrong, and while this is possible, it is not always the case. If your Kia vehicle is creating a constant beep while you drive, there are few explanations that may be the root of the issue.  

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Removing screw from wheel with pliers

Removing and Repairing a Nail in Your Kia Tire

How to Fix a Nail in a Tire 

Many things revolving around vehicles are unavailable and unpredictable. One lingering threat that surrounds our vehicles is stray nails looking for a tire to pop. No matter how conscious you are about where you drive or park your vehicle, you can almost guarantee that at some point in time you’ll find your Kia vehicle has a nail or screw stuck in the tire.  

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Closeup of maintenance person using clipboard in front of vehicle

New Year Kia Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

2021 New Year Car Care Checklist 

The new year is finally here and what better way to leave 2020 behind us than by freshening up our vehicles and getting them ready for 2021? We are a few days into 2021 and already Tampa Bay locals are looking for a change. For some, staying on track with automotive maintenance might be at the top of their New Year’s Resolution list, while for others this may have never crossed their minds.  

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Closeup of person testing a vehicle battery

Does My Car Battery Need to be Replaced?

How to Test Your Kia Vehicle’s Battery 

As the year comes to an end and 2021 is on its way, many Tampa Bay drivers are looking to tie up loose ends to finish off 2020. One way we can check in with our vehicles and see how their health is doing is by checking if our car battery needs to be replaced. Most of us don’t think twice about our car battery until we find ourselves in a parking lot with a car that won’t start. Checking in on the health of our car battery can help prevent our cars from dying on us unexpectedly.  

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Closeup of warning lights on vehicle dashboard

Debunk Your Dashboard: What Do My Kia Vehicle’s Dashboard Lights Mean?

Kia Dashboard Warning Lights Glossary Guide 

If you’ve found that your Kia vehicle has gotten into the holiday spirit by lighting up its dashboard like a Christmas tree, then this guide is for you. Understanding what all the different dashboard lights mean in our Kia vehicles can be tricky and knowing which ones are urgent and which ones can be ignored for a while (it’s okay, we’re all human) can get confusing. This Kia dashboard warning lights glossary guide will give you the different meanings of each dashboard light in your 2021 Kia Forte to help you the next time your Kia dashboard lights up the night.  

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