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2019 Kia Stinger on the theatre screen

What Upcoming Blockbuster is Each 2019 or 2020 Kia Model Seeing?

2019 Kia Models at the Movies

As people who love art and creativity (I mean look at the vehicles we sell, right?), movies are a shared pastime among Friendly Kia staff. After all, movies let you get away and jump into a world where the rules that govern our own don’t necessarily apply. It’s also quite a time to be a person with access to a cinema, RedBox or loved one’s Netflix account (judge not). Read the rest of this entry >>

Kia screen mockup with telluride on theatre screen

When is the Gasparilla International Film Festival in 2019?

2019 Gasparilla International Film Festival Date

If you thought Gasparilla was limited to pirates, well you probably don’t live in Tampa Bay. Although the heart and soul of the festival is the famed pirate Gasparilla and his krewes, the festival exists as an opportunity for Tampa Bay to revel in its uniquely-pleasant winter/spring weather and explore the depth of culture and humanities present in the region. Read the rest of this entry >>

crowd at a concert cheering on the 2019 kia sportage

Best 2018 Albums to Listen to in Each 2019 Kia Model

2019 Kia Models and the Best Music of 2018

“Whether you love the evocative grace of Elgar, the prophetic poetry of Run the Jewels or the heavy hammer-ons of Iron Maiden, music is a language that every civilization ever has used to communicate. Music is revolutionary, connecting the deepest feelings inside of us to the people and cultures with which we interact and in which we exist. Music can provide comfort in times of isolation or inspiration in times of need.

Music is power.” Read the rest of this entry >>

tv with kia hamsters on blue green yellow gradient background

Kia’s TV Advertisements are Always a Treat. See the Best!

The 8 Best Kia Commercials Ever

Whether it’s “So easy to use a caveman could do it,” “Where’s the beef?” or “How many licks does it take to get to the center?”, certain TV ads are so good that they become part of the collective conscience the same way that a song like “Baby One More Time” or “She Loves You” can. While most people wouldn’t consider television advertisements to be works of art, a few of them have hit so well that they transcend the simple goal of communicating a product or brand. Read the rest of this entry >>