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couple holding money with sad photoshopped faces and Kia pro_cee'd in thought bubble

Kias You Can’t Buy in the US: The Kia pro_cee’d

Kia pro_cee’d U.S. Release Date and Availability

If there are two things that can be said about Kia, it’s that they understand their markets and they like to give their vehicles strange names. Sure, the North American market is a bit of an exception to that second post as Kia’s here have names that all work to describe and flesh out the personality of the vehicle with their badge. Read the rest of this entry >>

couple holding money with hideously photoshopped sad faces

Kias You Can’t Buy: The Kia Venga

Kia Venga USA Availability

For only 0.94 a can, you can buy something called Delicious Vegetarian Hot Spicy Mushroom Sauce. It sounds weird, but it’s one of the tastiest sauces ever produced by human hands. The catch? You must order it from China through a website that ships items in quantities of 100+ overseas on a giant boat. If that doesn’t seem like a huge deterrent, you’re probably pretty used to ordering things online. Read the rest of this entry >>