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Kia in the News: November 2020

Kia News for November 2020 

The Kia brand has been a hot topic of conversation this month with the 2021 Kia Sorento hitting dealership lots, models earning awards, new technology being released, and more. With so much good news going on about Kia, we thought we would bring the top Kia news headlines into one place to give you a look at what happened with the Kia brand this November. See what awards the Kia brand won and what models it showed off in November 2020 below! 

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NVIDIA DRIVE Infotainment screen


Kia Announces New Infotainment Center and AI Platform 

It’s official: Kia has announced an all-new NVIDIA DRIVE “connected car” infotainment center system and artificial intelligence platform. Starting in 2022, all new Kia models will be equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE platform, a new connected car operating system (ccOS). While this announcement is exciting for the Kia brand, you may be wondering what it means for you. Find out what exactly NVIDIA DRIVE is and how it will change the game for upcoming Kia vehicles below.  

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Blue European 2020 Kia Rio

Will the U.S. Get a Hybrid Kia Rio?

Kia Rio Brings Mild-Hybrid Technology and Powertrain Updates 

The Kia Rio has been in the news lately with the reveal of a mild-hybrid powertrain and a full round of various spec and feature updates. The Kia brand’s iconic small car is set to get a large lot of updates, but there’s just one small catch. Right now, this news of a hybrid Kia Rio is in reference to the European model.  

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Closeup of Kia Sorento with red tint and "Kia News Network Breaking News" text

Kia in the News: May 2020

Kia News for May 2020 

The automotive world has been buzzing with news throughout the month of May and the Kia brand was at the forefront – and for all of the right reasons. The Kia brand has gained attention from the press throughout May for its efforts in response to the COVID-19 crisis, its redesign of a classic Kia sedan, rumors about electrifying an existing model, and of course more awards earned by top Kia models.  

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Kia Imagine Concept

How Kia Plans to Contribute to the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Kia EV Models and Technology

One of the hottest topics in the automotive industry right now is electrification. Beyond simply the big headline-grabbing (for good and bad reasons) players in the field, every manufacturer is seemingly introducing new electric vehicles or electric variants of current vehicles to the market, hoping to be the brand that successfully challenges the likes of Tesla. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Kias in the News: Awards, Performance and a First Look at the Next Soul

Kia News – November 2018

When it comes to producing surprising and innovative automotive technology, Kia leads the fray. Thanks to famed automotive designer Peter Schreyer and an engineering team that includes minds like Albert Biermann (the famed engineer behind the surge of BMW M-Series performance), Kia has never been stronger than ever. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Kias in the News: June 2018

Kia News June 2018

Whatever your worldview, there’s a good chance you’re bummed out when you turn on the news. It seems like all anybody reports on is turmoil, violence and fear-mongering incidents. We feel that also and, as part of our civic duty, have taken an oath only to report positive and uplifting news. We do this once a month through our Kias In the News featurette, a short rundown of relevant news regarding Kia models and Kia Motors as a company. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 kia cadenza in white overlaid on trophies

Kia Wins Two More Awards Signifying Commitment to Quality and Safety

Which is the Best Auto Company?

If you’re a fan of the show Mad Men, you know that for much of our recent history, advertising and marketing were about creating a need rather than providing a solution. Executives at firms like the fictitious Sterling Cooper agency spent billions of dollars trying to convince people they needed something in their lives. Read the rest of this entry >>