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What Car Provides as Much Value as the Tampa Bay Rays?

Tampa Bay Rays 2015 Playoffs

The only constants for the Tampa Bay Rays are change – to their roster, at least – and winning consistently. They win around 90 games so frequently, and on such a shoestring budget, what they do seems like a magic trick. And Harry Houdini never had to square off against the Yankees 16 times a year.

As the Tampa Bay Rays fight for a spot in the 2015 MLB playoffs, take a look at the standings and you’ll find the perennially small-budget Rays are in a familiar spot right now (58-56, 5 games out of first place as of 8/13), even after losing players like David Price or James Shields when they were due for a raise. It’s what they do – they survive and adapt, then thrive. It’s what makes the team so likable. Read the rest of this entry >>