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View through car window of two people exchanging keys

Get Up to $3,000 Over Vehicle Value When You Trade In at Friendly Kia

Where Can I Trade In My Vehicle Around St. Petersburg and Clearwater? 

There’s never been a better time than now to trade in your previously loved vehicles for a brand-new Kia Carnival around St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Dealerships across the Tampa Bay area are looking for trade-ins and the Friendly Kia team has put together an offer that car owners won’t want to miss out on.  

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Automotive Emergency Kit Supplies DIY

What Supplies Do I Need in a Vehicle Emergency Kit? 

Whether you are heading out on your soul-searching road trip, or you’ve just decided to add a little more preparation to your life, keeping a vehicle emergency kit in your car is never a bad idea. Roadside emergencies and inconveniences can happen when we least expect them to and being prepared for when they happen can make the entire process a little less stressful.  

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View through car window of two people exchanging keys

What Should I Do with My Kia Lease Near New Port Richey?

Kia Lease Returns and Lease-End Options Tampa FL 

Leasing a new Kia vehicle is the perfect choice for shoppers looking for low monthly car payments. When you choose to lease a new Kia vehicle, you’ll have the option to get behind the wheel of a brand-new vehicle every few years when your lease is up. If you haven’t leased a Kia vehicle in the Tampa Bay area previously, you might be wondering what you should do with your Kia lease now that your contract is coming to an end.  

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What is the Best Car Color Available?

Most and Least Popular Car Color Options in 2021 

For many of us, deciding on a paint color for our next vehicle is one of the most fun parts of picking out a new vehicle. But did you know that the color you pick for your vehicle actually plays a significant role in many different aspects of your vehicle? From the residual value of your car to what interiors you can get to even what trim levels you can get, the color of your car plays a significant role in the overall experience of your vehicle.  

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Should You Buy or Lease a Kia Vehicle in Florida?

Differences Between Buying and Leasing a Kia New Port Richey FL 

Should you purchase your next Kia vehicle or lease it? This is a question everyone has to face when they plan to get their next vehicle. Our team at Friendly Kia has put together this guide that will walk you through the differences between buying and leasing a new Kia here in New Port Richey, FL.  

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Rear badging on 2015 Kia Soul

Kia Soul Trade-In Value By Model Year in Tampa Bay

How Much is My Kia Soul Worth? 

For many Tampa Bay drivers, after a few years of owning and loving their Kia, it comes time to trade it in for the newest set of wheels on the lot. Many long-time Kia enthusiasts come out to Friendly Kia looking for a new 2021 Kia Sorento or all-new 2021 Kia K5 and want to know how much their current Kia Soul is worth as a trade-in. Our team makes estimating your vehicle’s trade-in value simple with our online and free-to-use Edmunds Trade-In Value tool. See how much you can get for your Kia in Tampa Bay as we break down the Kia Soul trade-in value by model year below.  

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Stress-Free Service Appointments at Friendly Kia

What Will Happen During My Kia Service Appointment? 

Whether you are gearing up for your very first Kia service appointment or it is your first time bringing your vehicle to the Friendly Kia service center, you might be feeling a little on edge wondering what will happen during the appointment. At Friendly Kia, we pride ourselves on providing stress-free service appointments and keeping our customers in the loop with everything going on with their Kia during its service.  

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Blue 2021 Kia K5

What is the Best Kia Vehicle Engine?

2021 Kia Engine Lineup and Power Specs Overview 

As more and more vehicles join the Kia lineup, the range of available engine options grows. Performance-focused drivers and eco-minded shoppers alike often ask us – what is the best Kia vehicle engine? We have compiled a list of all of the gas-powered 2021 Kia engines in the brand’s lineup along with their power specs to give you an overview of how each powerplant performs.  

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Schedule Kia Vehicle Service and Repair with Friendly Kia

Automotive Service and Repair Near Clearwater FL 

Whether you’ve just purchased your new Kia Sorento or have had it for a few years, finding a reliable service center can help take some of the stress out of routine vehicle service and repair. Here at Friendly Kia our service team knows your Kia best, so your vehicle is always in the best hands here in Tampa. 

At the Friendly Kia service center near Clearwater, we can take care of all of your automotive service and repair needs, from routine maintenance to any major repair. When you schedule Kia vehicle service or repairs with Friendly Kia you can rest assured that your vehicle will be on its way back to like-new condition.  

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