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How Much is a 2018 Kia Soul Worth?

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
Red 2018 Kia Soul and black "How Much is a 2018 Kia Soul Worth?" Text

Tampa Bay Kia Vehicle Trade-In Information  

If you’ve found yourself considering taking the plunge and upgrading to a new vehicle, you may be wondering how much your current vehicle is worth. At Friendly Kia, we offer free trade appraisals and rapid quotes so you know right away how much we can offer for your trade-in. Quit wondering how much your current vehicle is worth around Florida and instead use the online appraisal tool here on our website for instant results.  


Friendly Kia is a Five-Time Kia Motors’ President’s Club Member

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020
Couple walking towards salesman at dealership

Local Kia Motors’ President’s Club Winner in Tampa Bay  

For the fifth time now John Gilliss of Friendly Kia has earned a spot in the Kia Motors’ prestigious President’s Club. This nomination into the club signifies Friendly Kia’s position among other Kia dealerships and its dedication to outstanding customer service and sales drive. Keep reading to learn more about what helped Friendly Kia become a Kia Motors’ President’s Club winner in Tampa Bay.  


Is it Better to Buy a Car Online?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
Overhead view of hands on laptop keyboard

Perks of Buying a Vehicle Online in Tampa 

With social distancing in full effect throughout Tampa and across the globe, more and more people are turning to online shopping for essentials and just a way to pass the time. Researching cars online is common and a great way to learn about vehicles, but did you know you can purchase your vehicle online too?  


Friendly Kia Streamlines Online Vehicle Shopping Options

Tuesday, March 24th, 2020
Couple using tablet

Where Can I Buy a Vehicle Online in Tampa? 

As we face uncertainty with each passing day, needing a new vehicle right now can come with an overwhelming amount of stress. Luckily for Tampa-area car shoppers, we have streamlined our vehicle shopping options at Friendly Kia to help those in need of a new vehicle.  

With our virtual shopping options, customers are able to complete all of the necessary steps and paperwork before coming into the Friendly Kia dealership. And if you don’t want to come to the dealership, you don’t have to! We’re offering at-home test drives and free delivery on all new and used vehicle purchases. So, if you’ve been wondering where you can buy a vehicle online in Tampa, Friendly Kia is the perfect spot for you to shop.  


Are Any Tampa Dealerships Offering New Financing Options During Virus Outbreak?

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Friendly Kia Offers Deferred Payments and 0% APR Amid COVID-19 Outbreak 

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to expand across the globe, our day-to-day lives are everchanging to adapt to the temporary new normal. One thing that we know doesn’t stop, even in times of crisis, is automotive needs. For those who still need to make their daily commutes to work, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, or anywhere, they need a vehicle they can rely on – especially now.  

To make these tough times easier for those in need of a new vehicle, Friendly Kia is offering deferred payments and 0% APR on select 2019 and 2020 Kia models. Get more info on these new financing options we’re right now offering below.  


Save Big During the Friendly Kia 2020 President’s Day Sale

Friday, February 7th, 2020
2020 Kia Telluride with "President's Day Sale 2020 at Friendly Kia" black text

President’s Day Sale 2020 

Over the years Kia has turned itself on a dime to create a recognizable and lovable brand and image. Earning award after award each year, it’s no wonder why so many drivers are choosing to make the switch to the Kia badge. So now we ask you, what better time is there to get behind the wheel of a new Kia than the day we celebrate our long and winding list of U.S. presidents? There is none! Buying a new Kia on President’s Day will give you the opportunity to think back fondly on your favorite five, ten, or even 15 presidents.  


What Sets Friendly Kia Apart from the Tampa Bay Kia Dealership Network?

Friday, December 13th, 2019
fascia of Friendly Kia against patterned background

What is the Best Kia Dealer in Tampa Bay?

Okay, let’s take a good look at ourselves. We spend a ton of time here on the Friendly Kia Blog talking about what we think makes Kia the best automotive brand for the mass market. We know it goes beyond bias, because we’re definitely not afraid to admit how that wasn’t always the case.


Save Big with the Black Friday Sale at Friendly Kia 

Friday, November 8th, 2019
2019 Kia Sorento header image brown side front view

Black Friday 2019 Deals on Cars from Kia

Black Friday has earned a reputation for bringing about the worst in the collective consumer. After all, every year, it’s harder to avoid the stories and videos of employees being over-run by crazed shoppers trying to buy one of three TVs that has been discounted by 50% or more.  (more…)

Get Gigantic Savings on a New Kia During Our Labor Day Sales Event

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019
american flag balloon

Kia Sales and Savings for Labor Day 2019

As a manufacturer of reliable and safe models that offer something for everybody in the family, Kia has grown into a brand that is renowned for its commitment to quality. With more Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick + distinctions than any other badge, the red oval of Kia is a sign that keeping what’s important to you safe is a priority for the South Korean manufacturer. (more…)

Celebrate Freedom and Independence with Food, Family, Friends and Fun

Monday, July 1st, 2019
people spelling july 4 with sparklers

Happy Fourth of July from the Friendliest Kia Dealership in Tampa Bay!

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the Fourth of July is just around the corner. We’re not kidding. It’s right there, a few steps ahead and around that bend in the proverbial line of time. Although it seems like we were just celebrating Mother’s Day or even the New Year’s Holiday, it’s almost time for our mid-year revelry to honor the beautiful nation we call home. (more…)