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Closeup of Kia and Lexus logos

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Lexus

Kia vs Lexus Lineup Comparison 

Kia is continuing to expand its wheelhouse and has been adding luxury-inspired vehicles, like the Telluride, that have been giving luxury brands a run for their money. With the addition of more and more chiseled and sophisticated vehicles, the Lexus brand has become more of a competitor for the Kia brand. That’s why in this edition of Friendly Kia’s Battle of the Brands we are putting Kia and Lexus up against one another to see how the two will battle it out.  

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Closeup of Kia logo and Buick logo

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Buick

Kia vs Buick Lineup Comparison 

When it comes to SUVs and crossovers, Buick is one of the Kia brand’s top competitors. Both Kia and Buick produce full-size SUVs and compact crossovers that appeal to the tastes of many. Since the beginning, shoppers have often found themselves torn between choosing a Kia and choosing a Buick. That’s why we thought it was only fitting to pair these two brands up against one another in this edition of Battle of the Brands.  

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Closeup of Kia logo and GMC logo

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs GMC

Kia vs GMC Lineup Comparison 

In the past we have compared Kia to some of its top competitors and some of its less likely competitors. GMC is one of those brands that Kia has been compared to in the past but isn’t often the first manufacturer to come to mind when you think of Kia competitors. In this edition of Battle of the Brands we are putting Kia and GMC head to head to help out those folks who are finding themselves stuck between these two automakers and want some help coming to a decision.  

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Kia logo and Jeep Logo

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Jeep

Kia vs Jeep Lineup Comparison 

Kia is known for its personality-filled and spunky lineup of cars and crossovers. One of the most iconic vehicles to come from Kia continues to be its Soul models, which are most often compared to the Jeep Renegade. While we know the Soul continues to outrank the Renegade year after year, how do the rest of these two lineups compare? 

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Kia logo and Mazda logo

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Mazda

Kia vs Mazda Lineup Comparison 

When shoppers are looking to purchase a new Kia vehicle but want to scope out the competition first, one of the brands that shoppers most commonly turn to is Mazda. Since the beginning, shoppers and automotive experts have been putting Kia and Mazda vehicles head-to-head to see which one lands on top – we have too! Both of these automotive brands offer competitive pricing, sporty looks, and incredible performances. But what makes Kia the brand shoppers turn to most? 

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Kia logo and Volkswagen Logo

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Volkswagen

Kia vs Volkswagen Lineup Comparison  

Kia has long been a competitor of the Volkswagen brand, with both auto manufacturers offering a lineup of affordably priced midsize vehicles. Neither brand includes any pickup trucks or more than one performance vehicle in their lineups and both have instead put a focus on midsize cars and SUVs.  

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Closeup of Kia and Ford emblems

Battle of the Brands: Kia vs Ford

Kia vs Ford Lineup Comparison 

While the opportunities to watch competitions these days are dwindling, we’re bringing one to you on the Friendly Kia Blog. The Kia brand continues to accelerate its position in the automotive world and after having introduced two more award-winning vehicles to its lineup, the Telluride and Seltos, it has only gained more popularity.  

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