Five friends with humorous Halloween outfits each including a fake mustache

What are the Best Fall- or Halloween-Themed Puns?

Best Halloween- and Fall-Themed Puns and Wordplay

Oh my gourd-ness, you’ve got to creep it real. You know what we’re saying? Halloween is a boo-tiful holiday, and we hope you scare up some friends and go trick-or-treating, because not getting candy is a real pain in the neck.  

That was a decent amount of puns we packed into that first paragraph, but if you like where we’re going here, stay tuned, because we have compiled 12 of our favorite Halloween- or fall-themed puns and wordplay. It promises to be spook-tacular! 

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The List: Top Twelve Halloween/Fall Puns and Wordplay 

Dog with silly glasses for Halloween

Here is a list of some of our favorite wordplay and puns that involve either autumn or Halloween, in no particular order. Some of them we have heard before, and several we just made up – see if you can tell which is witch (see what we did there?)!

  • The old classics: “Spook-tacular,” “Boo-tiful,” “Fang-tastic,” “Un-boo-lievable,” etc.  
  • For flower/ghost lovers: “Boo-quet.” 
  • “A-maize-ing” – often refers to corn mazes, which could evolve quickly into “a-maize-ing maize”.
  • “Oh my gourd-ness” – shock and pumpkins, rolled into one. 
  • “Pump(kin) Up the Jams” – this is a new one, to us at least. Similarly, you could make like Hans and Franz from “Saturday Night Live” and say, “We’re here to pump…kin you up!” 
  • “Creeping it real.” 
  • “Ghoul next door.” 
  • “If you’ve got it, haunt it.” 
  • “Ex-gourd-inary.” 
  • For Shakespeare fans: “To zombie, or not to zombie…” 
  • “Ain’t Mis-zombiehaving” (for jazz fans). 
  • “Exorcising” (as opposed to exercising).

Bonus wordplay: “Getting kissed by a vampire is a pain in the neck.” 

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