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Tour Famous Museums Online with Virtual Tours

9 Famous Museums Offer Online Tours 

Across the globe, museums continue to keep their doors closed to the public but many have turned to virtual tours online to allow everyone access to their greatest treasures. Some museums have implemented virtual tour tools on their sites to allow users to have the same experience as they would walking through the building. Other museums have uploaded high-definition photos of their exhibits along with stories about each piece. Below we have provided links for nine famous museums that you can take online tours of right now. Instead of dreaming of flying to Paris to tour the Louvre Museum, visit it right now virtually with an online tour.  

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Take a Tour of Famous Museums From Your Couch 

Interior view of Louvre Museum

The Dalí Theatre-Museum 

Location – Figueres, Spain
Take a Virtual Tour

Nasa Glenn Research Center

Location  Cleveland, Ohio
Take a Virtual Tour 

The National Women’s History Museum

Location – Exclusively online
Take a Virtual Tour

The National Museum of the United States Air Force

Location – Riverside, Ohio 
Take a Virtual Tour 

Louvre Museum 

Location – Paris, France
Take a Virtual Tour

National Gallery of Art 

Location – Washington, D.C.
Take a Virtual Tour  

The British Museum

Location – London, England 
Take a Virtual Tour 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Location – New York City, New York
Take a Virtual Tour 

The National Musem of Natural History 

Location – Washington, D.C.
Take a Virtual Tour 

Interior view of museum

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Local stay-at-home orders are continuing to be lifted across the country and throughout the world. Soon enough life will get back to normal, but until then take advantage of virtual online tours of famous museums to break you out of your Netflix binge. If you are looking to get behind the wheel of a new Kia SUV, head over to our online inventory to shop our current lineup of new Kia vehicles.