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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Minivan

Art is all about staying current. How often do you hear of a musician, writer or director who immediately after debuting to massive success and acclaim drops out of the spotlight? This is the band that has that one song that defined summer 2009 and now plays nothing but at county fairs in the Midwest. These are the writers who wrote an Academy-award-nominated movie, but now spend their time hawking mattresses and watches on their podcast that nobody listens to.

It’s difficult. You get famous for something, and it can become easy to think that that thing has lasting value. Instead of learning what people loved about your first song, and writing new material that strives to evoke similar emotions and progress, you released a mixtape that contained an acoustic version, house remix and karaoke version of the song.

The Minivan’s Rise and Fall

We’re bringing up this sad, but common, trajectory because it’s what the minivan went through. Introduced in the 1980s, the minivan set the automotive world ablaze. Automotive publications everywhere declared the sedan dead and buried (you may notice that we’re one of the few voices hesitant to rush its crossover-borne death for this reason), and replaced by the van’s all-consuming utility.

These were vehicles that parents could drive their kids around in, and then pass on their kids who could drive their friends around in. Able to be loaded with massive amounts of cargo, they became the perfect adventuring vehicles and often replaced pickup trucks for their ability to tow light loads of furniture and material.

Unfortunately, like any artist resigned to play their 20-year-old hits at the local casino, the minivan didn’t evolve enough and the automotive public did what it does best – got bored. The late 1990s saw the rise of the SUV – a rugged, truck-based passenger vehicle. As gas prices went up in the early 2000s, drivers wanted to keep the utility of the SUV with more efficiency and better handling. The crossover was born.

Emblems of Resignation?

Ever since the crossover’s meteoric rise, minivans have been relegated to status as a side player – designated for those drivers who want nothing except pure functionality and cargo/passenger space. With their lack of exterior style, absence of sporty driving dynamics and singular focus on practicality, they became a symbol of having to trade in young ambitions for mature utility.

Minivans became the single greatest thorn in our collective insecure side, serving as a mile marker for that time in our life when our dreams have finally died and we’ve settled down, resigned to never enjoy driving (or life) ever again. They were perceived as magnets for the mundane minutiae we all must endure as people under the crushing weight of one-million micro-obligations.

But this isn’t fair and it couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, minivans are some of the best and most exciting vehicles on the market. Here are six reasons why we fervently believe this.

1. It’s a Lot of Passenger Space

front row seating in 2018 kia sedona

If your friend called you up on the telephone and asked you the following what would you say?

“Hey, it’s Wendy. Yeah, I was wondering if you and Emily and Jill and Tom wanted to get together this weekend and sit in a four-and-a-half-foot high box. We’ll each have about four inches of room to put our feet and our shoulders will be smashed together. Also, we’re going to do this for three hours and since we’re going camping afterward, you’ll need to hold one of the coolers on your lap.”

You’d say “No, Wendy. You’ve described medieval torture. Why would I spend my precious free time cramped in a tiny box with stuff on my lap and no room to move? I like Emily and Jill and Tom all right, but I also like having some personal space.” At that point, you would realize that what Wendy asked you to do is go camping a few hours away and carpool.

You could drive yourself, but it’s boring, lonely and a bunch of extra gas.

Minivans are the answer! Minivans allow you to enjoy comfortable space – enough to stretch out and take a nap on a long road trip (provided you’re not driving). Also, the extra passenger space means…

2. You Can Bring More People Along for Your Adventures

How many times have you caught yourself saying something like “I only wish Dennis had been here for that amazing concert. I can’t believe we were just going to grab some groceries and Childish Gambino and Queens of the Stone Age showed up to play a double concert in the parking lot?”

Okay, you’ve probably never said that, but with seating for seven or eight passengers, minivans eliminate the limits on who can be invited along – whether you’re leaving the party to get some more salsa, going to lunch for work or heading out of town for the weekend to play Dave Matthews Band covers in the woods with some friends (who all canceled for some reason when they saw you packing up your guitar. Hmmm…).

3. You Can Bring More Stuff Along

With minivans like the 2018 Kia Sedona giving up to 142 cubic feet of space with all the seats down, you’ll quickly find that nothing is able to haul and transport with as much ease as a minivan. We’re actually including most pickup trucks in that as well. The significantly-lower load floor on a van makes loading and unloading easier than it would be with a truck.

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This means that beautiful buffet table credenza you saw on Craigslist is no problem. Go pick it up, easily. Same goes for that 80-inch LED television or the entirety of your studio apartment’s furnishings and décor. Best of all, you’ll have all of this on-demand hauling capability and…

4. You’re Not Pickup Truck Friend

When it comes time to pick up a lawnmower from the hardware store or move a couch across town, everybody has a number on their phone for “pickup truck friend.” Pickup truck friend is a person you know who has a pickup truck. Chances are, you’ve cultivated the friendship, let certain things slide and put in extra effort just to make sure you have somebody you can count on when it comes time to move something big.

By owning a minivan, you have all of the capability of pickup truck friend, but you fly under the radar. When people think about moving a large desk, the last vehicle they think about is a minivan. They’re calling pickup truck friend.

For you, this means getting to haul anything you want anytime you want without questioning whether your closest friends would still invite you to their Super Bowl parties if you sold your pickup truck.

Because as any former pickup truck friend will tell you, they probably won’t.

5. You Own a Highly-Efficient Motel on Wheels

The late Chris Farley’s classic skit on Saturday Night Live saw his character, the motivational speaker Matt Foley, loudly letting the children of a pleasant suburban family know that, despite their ambitions, their lives will probably result in them “living in a van down by the river” like him. Despite his seemingly-disappointing life, Matt knew something – there’s no better vehicle in which to live (by the river) than a van.

Assuming your life is well on track, you’ve probably never thought about living in your vehicle and that’s good. Even the commercials for Tiny House Living make us claustrophobic. If you’ve ever taken a cross-country road trip, however, you know that staying in a motel every night is expensive.

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One of the wonderful things about a vehicle as spacious and comfortable as a minivan is that it makes an easy go-to for free lodging. Road trips are a breeze in your minivan. During the day, they’re comfortable and loaded with convenience features and then at night, you can climb to the second row and fall asleep in one of the decadent captain’s chairs (many of which feature reclining with footrests). Crack open a window and you’re good to go.

You may think we’re weird for mentioning that, but what is an RV except for a van with a toilet and wood paneling?

Kia sedona rear seat entertainment system on seatback

6. Not Your Daddy’s Minivans

As far as their design and dynamics go, many minivans these days still rely on the tropes and clichés that have earned them their lackluster reputations. A small segment of manufacturers, however, are producing minivans that are visually-striking and sporty. Dare we say, some of them look downright nice.

Simply due to aerodynamics science and the requirement of being able to comfortably seat seven or eight passengers plus a ton of cargo, the majority of minivans still look like upside-down sharks. That being said, models like the 2018 Kia Sedona have brought a stunning and elegant design to the class as well as actual sportiness.

The 2019 Kia Sedona takes it even further, adding sporty, crossover-inspired design elements to an already-elegant silhouette. Along for the ride on both the 2018 Kia Sedona and 2019 Kia Sedona is Sportmatic®, Kia’s auto-manual gear shifter which adds sporty driving engagement to the thrilling 3.3L V6 engine.

The modern minivan is fun, stylish and exciting. The Kia Sedona is a vehicle that has broken the chains of its classes reputation and now turns heads wherever it goes. Don’t believe us, see for yourself.

Face Your Fears Today and Start Living Your Best Life

2019 kia sedona in red driving down road

One of the most interesting ways psychologists have been treating phobias is with exposure therapy. Although the execution varies based on the level of impairment and specific phobia, the idea is simple – by approaching your fears and facing them, you can overcome them.

The deep fear that lives in our subconscious about what we’ve been conditioned to believe a minivan represents couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s holding us back. Minivans open up possibilities, not shut them down, they allow you to socialize, enjoy the time you have on this world and maybe even go a little further than you thought you would knowing you can climb in back and get a quick 40 winks if need be.

Minivans offer the most competent and compelling drive for anybody, and especially those with a family. While third-row crossovers like the 2018 Kia Sorento deliver an excellent SUV experience, nothing matches the space and convenience of a vehicle with automatic sliding doors, low floors and integrated entertainment systems throughout.

With the Kia Sedona, the fear is even less. It’s more than just a beautiful minivan, it’s a beautiful vehicle. Give your family, your friends or just yourself the space and comfort they and you deserve. These things tend to move in trends, anyway, and we have no doubt the minivan is on a quick path to becoming cool again.

For more information on the 2018 Kia Sedona or to schedule a test drive (test nap in the back seat included), contact us today!

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