Gray 2022 Kia K8 and woman holding purse

Battle of the Kates: K8 Challenges Kate Middleton, Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Plus 8

2022 Kia K8 vs the Competition 

Kates have been around for generations, with the name even being prevalent back in 1880 when the U.S. government first decided to crack open its journal and track the country’s most popular names. Since then, the name Kate has been one of the most commonly used names for baby girls, after a brief dip in popularity around the 1940s and 50s.  

Now, you may be asking – what’s with all the Kate talk? Kia has set its sights on its own kind of Kate for the 2022 model year – the K8. We know, we know, it’s actually pronounced like “Kay Eight” but a little play on words never hurt anyone. There isn’t a confirmation on whether or not the K8 will hit the U.S. market just yet, but our hopes at Friendly Kia in Tampa Bay are held high. With so many Kates to go around, how does the K8 compare against the Kate competition? Let’s find out in the first round of Battle of the Kates: 2022 Kia K8 vs. The Competition.  

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These days you can find a Kate just about anywhere. Hollywood is full of Kates, from Kate Hudson to Kate Gosselin to Kate Winslet to Kate Beckinsale. You can find Kates in handbags and purses with a Kate Spade collection at your local boutique and you can even find Kates like Kate Middleton in the Kensington Palace. Kates from all walks of life can be found these days and now Kia has created a Kate of its own with the K8. But which Kate will reign supreme in the first Battle of the Kates? Let’s find out.  

Prelims: Crown Royalty

Given the current status of the news these days we wanted to put the Kia K8 up against one of the biggest names in this week’s headlines. Here the Kia K8 is going up against British Royalty Kate Middleton.  

Kia K8 Vs.  Kate Middleton 
Sharp, bold, and luxury-inspired design Exterior Style Prim and proper 
We like to think so Royal? British variety 
Yes Gets you from point A to point B No 

Verdict: The Kia K8 snatches the crown from Kate Middleton thanks to its positive press, cool exterior styling, and its added convenience to your daily life.  

Profile view of gray 2022 Kia K8

Round One: Hollywood 

In the first round of Battle of the Kates, we are pairing up two of Hollywood’s leading actresses: Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale.  

Kate Winslet Vs.  Kate Beckinsale 
Movies Claim to Fame Television 
Our hearts can’t go on  Starred in the Titanic Would have left space for Jack 
Three wins Number of Screen Actors Guild Awards One Nomination 

Verdict: In the battle of Winslet versus Beckinsale it was a tough call between the two. Can we really forgive Rose for letting go of Jack? While there definitely was room for Jack to float alongside Rose, our love for the Titanic tipped the scale in favor for Kate Winslet in this one.  

Round Two: TV for Two, Five, or Nine 

Next, Winslet goes head-to-head with a TLC television star. 

Kate Winslet Vs.  Kate Plus 8 
Role depending Entertaining? More than we’d like to admit 
Number of Children 
Just a star TV Show Yes 

Verdict: Kate Plus 8, starring Kate Gosselin, wins this one. If Kate Gosselin can parent eight kids, star in her own TLC show, dance it out on Dancing with the Stars, and handle the pressures of Hollywood’s eyes then she more than deserves the crown.  

Finale Round: Long Live the Kate Legacy 

After duking it out through the stages of Battle of the Kates, who will hold onto the lasting legacy? Will it be the highly anticipated K8 or the reliably entertaining Kate Plus 8? 

Kia K8 Vs.  Kate Plus 8 
The longer the road trip the better Entertaining? Hour-long increments  
Yes Stylish? Yes 
Soon to be a commercial star On TV Yes 

Verdict: We love a guilty pleasure TV show, but the Kia K8 hits every note without making you feel like you have to keep your love for it a secret. The Kia K8 is set to bring attractive style, endless in-car entertainment, and more to the automotive market. Plus, the K8 gives you the best of the Kate worlds: passengers can enjoy watching Kate Plus 8 while traveling on your next road trip.  

Interior view of 2022 Kia K8

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Friendly Kia Welcomes Any Kind of Kate 

Whether your name is Kate or you’re hoping for a K8, come check out our lineup of new Kia models at Friendly Kia in Tampa Bay. The Kia K8 is said to be the replacement for the outgoing Kia Cadenza and time will only tell if and when this drool-worthy Kia will jump ship onto our shores. We have plenty of attractive and entertaining Kia models in stock that are sure to impress drivers with any name.