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Will the 2021 Kia Stinger Get a Facelift?

2021 Kia Stinger Design Predictions and Performance Speculation 

The Kia Stinger first entered the scene not too long ago, joining the Kia lineup back in 2018. Even with just a short amount of time on the market, this Kia sports car is getting a refresh for the 2021 model year. The 2021 Stinger hasn’t made its full debut to the public yet, but it has been spied at the Nürburgring and it has us making predictions and speculations on what kind of design and performance upgrades it is set to bring.  

Let’s dive into what we think the Stinger is going to bring to the 2021 model year below. 

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2021 Stinger Mid-Cycle Refresh and Tweaks 

Since the Stinger hasn’t been a part of the Kia lineup for long, we feel it is safe to predict that all of that camouflage we’ve been seeing wrapped around the Stinger is covering up just a few tweaks here and there. It isn’t too likely that the 2021 Stinger will get a full facelift and redesign, so instead we’re speculating that it will be mid-cycle refresh with a few tweaks and changes.  

Many of the Kia brand’s recent model upgrades have brought redesigned front and rear ends, so we’re suspecting that the Stinger will follow that same pattern. It’s likely we will see a few changes to the vehicle’s front grille and maybe to the headlights and taillights, but aside from that, we don’t expect to see many exterior changes until its next generation. 

Interior view of 2020 Kia Stinger
2020 Kia Stinger
Black 2020 Kia Stinger
2020 Kia Stinger

2021 Kia Stinger Might Bring More Power 

There have been a few rumors and predictions that the 2021 Stinger will receive a bump in power output with a higher amount of horsepower than the 2020 model’s 365-horsepower rating. While this is just speculation, based on the spy videos and photos seen here we are hopeful that these rumors will come true. 

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2021 Kia Stinger Debut Date 

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic there isn’t a set date for when we will be introduced to the 2021 Kia Stinger. We are hopeful for a Stinger reveal in the coming months and will be keeping readers updated on any new Stinger news here on the Friendly Kia blog.  

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