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What Can We Expect to See From the 2021 Kia Forte?

2021 Kia Forte Speculation 

The Kia Forte is one of those cars that just makes sense. It has perfect proportions and comes stacked with just enough technology and power. The Forte has long been a favorite among Tampa locals and many shoppers are wondering what they can expect to see from the next Forte model. 

There hasn’t been much said about the upcoming 2021 Kia Forte but we at Friendly Kia have some theories and predictions on what to expect from the 2021 variant. Keep reading to see what speculations we’ve made about the 2021 Kia Forte.  

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Will This Be a Fourth-Generation Kia Forte? 

In the past, the Kia Forte has stuck to a five-year cycle for its generations. The 2019 Forte model started the vehicle’s third generation, so it is unlikely that the 2021 model will be the start of a fourth generation. Instead, we expect to see some minor design upgrades and maybe a few performance tweaks in 2021 and then a fully redesigned fourth-generation Forte in 2024.  

Blue 2020 Kia Forte
2020 Kia Forte
Red 2020 Kia Forte
2020 Kia Forte

2021 Forte Design Speculation 

Many of the smaller Kia redesigns have included creating a more sculpted exterior, a more aggressive tiger-nose grille, and fitting in new headlights. Since the 2021 Forte won’t be the start of a new generation of Forte models, we expect the 2021 variant to follow this same redesign path. We speculate that the 2021 Forte will look a little more chiseled and a little more defined on the road. The Forte is currently in the sweet spot between the luxury Cadenza and the power-packed Stinger so we suspect that the changes to the Forte will keep it in this middle ground between the two models and it won’t sway too much one way or the other.  

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