Black 2021 Kia Cadenza Korean model

Is This the Last Kia Cadenza?

2021 Kia Cadenza Walk-Around Review and Amenities 

Will the 2021 model year mark the last year of the Kia Cadenza? Is Kia discontinuing the Cadenza? These questions have been swirling all over the internet lately. We recently saw a new face for the Cadenza in the 2020 model, and now rumor has it that the 2021 model may be the last – sort of. The 2021 Kia Cadenza is expected to be the last model with the Cadenza name before the introduction of a new Kia model – the K8. 

Asian Petrolhead has given viewers a full in-depth look at the last Cadenza model in this 2021 Kia Cadenza walk-around review video and night-drive video. Check out the two videos below to see how the Cadenza performs and what amenities and features the model is bringing to the market.  

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2021 Kia Cadenza Performance and Design

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The Kia Cadenza has long been the luxury model in the Kia lineup. The full-size Cadenza sedan brings detailed craftsmanship into 2021 along with in-demand technology and amenities. Do these two videos have you itching to get behind the wheel of a new Kia Cadenza? Head over to the Friendly Kia inventory to view our current in-stock Cadenza models and stay tuned to the Friendly Kia blog for more 2021 Cadenza news.