2020 kia sportage near fall leafs and alarm clock

Fall Back to Early Sunrises with the End of Daylight Savings Time

When Does Daylight Savings Time End in 2019?

It’s always a wild time throughout the year keeping up with the comings and goings of Daylight Savings Time. The is-it-EDT-or-EST panic is a common thread that goes throughout the year, forcing us to quickly type “is it saving daylight savings time?” into the Google search bar of our phone. Read the rest of this entry >>

funky picture of 2016 kia soul

Should I Buy a Used Kia Soul?

Used Kia Soul Reliability

Unless you’re inheriting a gently-used model from a loved one, buying a pre-owned vehicle is a study in patience, research and eventually taking a leap of faith. Without knowing a vehicle’s history, it’s all guesswork – guesswork which can chill you to the bone imagining a vehicle revving up to 10,000 RPM on the freeway or sitting underwater for three days when the town aquarium burst open (is there even a way to get squid ink stains out of the seating?). Read the rest of this entry >>

Kia Telluride truck mockup

Where is that Rumored Kia Truck?

Kia Truck Release Date and Rumors

We like to split our time here on the Friendly Kia Blog between showing what is in the form of current model specs, features, comparisons etc. and what could be in the form of Kia concepts, Kias You Can’t Buy in the United States and more. As a brand with both two feet on the ground and a head in the clouds, Kia has mastered the art of remaining aspirational and thought-leading without ever overpromising. Read the rest of this entry >>

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How to Winterize Your Car (Even in Florida)

Car Winterization Tips for Florida

Although winter is typically a season to fear for much of the nation, for us here in Florida, it can be a huge relief following the fall season that’s most likely to bring damaging wind and rain. For many of us, winter means finally some decent temperatures that aren’t 100 degrees with 99-percent humidity or 90 degrees with non-stop rain and wind. Read the rest of this entry >>