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Notes from the Rebellion: You Can’t Win Without Heart, Mind and Soul

2019 Kia Soul Vs. 2018 Kia Soul

In our valiant struggle against BIG3 (the “axis of mediocrity” made up of T*y*t*, H*nd* and N*ss*n), we’ve learned that the biggest difference between Kia and its competitors is the level of responsibility invested in what we do vs what they do. Kia imparts a massive responsibility into every vehicle that rolls off their production line.

More than just a responsibility for driver safety and reliability, the subversive engineers at Kia understand that to set the programmed masses free from the low expectations instilled by decades of BIG3’s dominance, they have a responsibility to be fun.

The Kia Soul is more than just a vehicle that aims to free drivers everywhere from mundane styling and absent features. The Kia Soul is the symbol of the Rebellion – an iconic vehicle that goes where competing models won’t. It’s sporty, it’s boxy and it has more features in its base model than many competing models have in their mid-range trims.

Having recently checked in with our friends at Kia, we have some exciting news to report about the newest Soul. This vehicle, which is a spark in the fight against joyless (and dare we say, soul-less?) driving, has become even better for the 2019 model year. Let’s see what these brave engineers and designers at Kia have brought us.

2019 Kia Soul New Features

As BIG3’s subversive vehicle detection technology (SVDT) has improved this year, Kia engineers have worked to improve the “under the radar” base model to give drivers everywhere an even more compelling reason to choose the multiple award winning crossover.

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For 2019, drivers who select a Kia Soul Base will be able to take advantage of the following new features:

  • Availability of Inferno Red color – Blend in or stand out. Either way, you get to choose.
  • Standard automatic on/off headlights – Because one mistake is all it takes to be noticed by BIG3
  • Standard rearview camera –See the boring competition that the 2019 Kia Soul leaves in its dust in full-color.

Aside from that, the 2019 Kia Soul will continue to allow drivers to choose between three engine options – an economic 1.6L, a mid-range 2.0L or a thrilling turbocharged 1.6L. With innovative GDI and the Soul’s efficient transmissions, you can expect up to 31 highway miles per gallon of subversion.

2019 Kia Soul AWD?

You may remember that we spent a whole blog making wide predictions for the 2019 Kia Soul – a model that has carried forward most of what made the 2018 Kia Soul such an icon. With Kia engineers working under a clandestine veil, our intelligence was limited.

That said, we do expect our predictions to come true on the 2020 model which Kia will release next year.

2019 kia soul interior against blue-ish background

2019 kia soul wheel well in black

Continue the Fight Against BIG3 by Driving Something You Like!

BIG3 coalition members want nothing more than for you to admit that driving is purely practical. They don’t want you to know that every day hundreds of thousands spend their workdays nervously tapping their fingers, eager to climb into their luxuriously-appointed Kia Souls.

If driving feels more like a chore than a release, we get it! Luckily, the Kia Soul offers a new path. Swing by Friendly Kia today to test-drive the 2018 Kia Soul and get your name on a list for the 2019 model. You can schedule a test drive by clicking here.

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