kia habaniro concept with butterfly doors open

Kia’s Vision Lights a Bright Path Forward

2019 Kia Concept Vehicles – Imagine and HabaNiro

The world of concept vehicles is a strange one. I’m some regards, concept vehicles show us the way both a brand and the industry as a whole are headed. Some concept vehicles like the Kia GT end up finding their own life in the form of a production model (the Kia Stinger).

Often, however, these vehicles have engineering and design features which put them firmly out of reach of what is possible or accepted in the automotive world. For vehicles like the Kia KCV-III, the reason for the concept is aspirational and artistic rather than previewing a vehicle which will soon be available. 

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What Concept Vehicles Has Kia Shown Off in 2019?

For a brand like Kia, that is always challenging the mainstream and seeking to surprise the market with fresh takes on tired segments, concepts serve the important purpose of letting us experience everything a vehicle *could* be. 

This year, Kia showed off two daring and intrepid modes that have already, and will, undoubtedly change the way we think about four wheels and a greenhouse. The first, the Imagine is an artistic take on the future of automotion. The second – the HabaNiro – is a fun and futuristic reimagining of one of Kia’s most quietly-excellent models.

Kia Imagine Concept Information and Likelihood of Production 

The Kia Imagine concept is undoubtedly the more daring of the two which we will be looking at today. Debuting at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, the Imagine Concept made headlines for its abundance of aesthetically laid-out interior displays.  

The Imagine by Kia features 21 screens that cascade across the dashboard, creating a unified picture. You read that right – 21 screens…and you thought Pimp My Ride overdid it with the LCDs.  

Undoubtedly seeking to challenge the way current automotive designers and engineers think about future technology like vehicle infotainment, the Imagine by Kia also brings a fully-electric powertrain that aims to eliminate range anxiety (the “phone is at 20% battery” feeling you get for your EV car). 

However, rather than publishing any range estimates for a vehicle which will surely never make it to market, Kia wanted to capture the emotional side of automotive design and engineering. Reading between the lines, the way this vehicle makes you feel, and not knowing you have more battery, will push back on range anxiety. It’s a nice thought. 

The Imagine Concept is a work of art and one we’re proud to share it with you. 

front three quarter shot of kia imagine concept

profile cutaway of kia imagine concept car

21 screen layout in kia imagine concept

Kia HabaNiro Concept Information and Likelihood of Production 

Unlike the Imagine Concept, the HabaNiro has some viability. A truly clever play on words, the HabaNiro turns the Kia Niro EV into a hotter hatch, equipped with some of the most jaw-dropping technology available.  

As an all-wheel-drive-equipped, fully-electric vehicle, the HabaNiro promises fun, practicality and capability for drivers everywhere. Over 300 miles of electric range ease range anxiety the old-fashioned way. 

The exterior of the HabaNiro really speaks for itself. Inside, it features a full-width head-up display and plenty of futuristic design to make the future of electric driving look like a beautiful and stately place. 

profile of kia habaniro concept without doors

interior of kia habaniro concept

Will the Kia Imagine or Kia HabaNiro Make it to Market? 

Although we’ve seen bold statements from Kia come to market in the form of the Kia Soul Concept, Kia Telluride Concept and Kia GT Concept, we have our doubts about the viability of the Imagine and HabaNiro. We’d say the HabaNiro has a non-zero chance, but it will likely look and function differently to meet the extensive list of automotive safety and driver regulations. 

With that said, both vehicles reflect the personality of a brand that is obsessed with being the first to arrive in the future. As any visionary knows, you can’t get there thinking about automotive problems the way we do in the present. Kia seems to be well aware that thinking outside the box is the way forward. 

For more information on existing Kia vehicles or to schedule a test drive with a former concept like the Kia Telluride, Kia Stinger or Kia Soul, contact us today! 

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