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What’s Going on in Tampa Bay This Weekend?

Thursday, November 29th, 2018
Tampa skyline with "What's going on in the area this weekend" image superimposed

Tampa Bay Events December 1 and December 2 2018

If you’re having trouble believing that it’s already December, you’re not alone. It seems like just a week or two ago, we were planning a Fourth of July cookout and thinking about how nice it will be when our roads are a little bit less busy again. (more…)

Auto School: Drive and Brake Assembly

Thursday, November 29th, 2018
wheel and brake assembly next to a schoolyard backpack

Learn About Your Drive and Brakes in 10 Minutes

If you haven’t been following our Auto School featurette, it’s a recurring segment on our blog where we try our best to simplify the complex systems in your automobile, so you know what’s going on when you turn your key. In an industry not always known for honesty and good-faith service, we want to do our best to prevent anybody from getting fleeced. (more…)

Wonderful Things from Tampa Bay 6: Winter

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018
tampa bay silhouette next to text wonderful things from tampa bay

Why Winter is Best Spent in Tampa Bay

Looking at the Wonderful Things from Tampa Bay archives, one might think we only care about beer and Cuban sandwiches. While these two things are favorites for many of us here at Friendly Kia, they’ve been chosen for this featurette because they represent something unique about our region – a focus on fun and enjoyment. (more…)

Looking for a Premium Seating Experience? Nappa Leather is Your Ticket

Monday, November 26th, 2018
interior seating in 2019 kia k900

What is the Difference Between Leather and Nappa Leather Seating?

If you’ve ever sat in a luxury car from the 1960s, 1970s or even 1980s, you know that the way we think about luxury has changed since those bygone decades. While modern luxury cars like the 2019 Kia Stinger or 2019 Kia K900 feature incredible performance specs and 22nd-century technology, those old “land yachts” were stretched-out, 6,000-lb. pieces of steel that cared less about performance or style and chose to wholly focus on comfort instead. (more…)

Kias in the News: Awards, Performance and a First Look at the Next Soul

Monday, November 26th, 2018
Kia News Network breaking news image with humorous chiron

Kia News – November 2018

When it comes to producing surprising and innovative automotive technology, Kia leads the fray. Thanks to famed automotive designer Peter Schreyer and an engineering team that includes minds like Albert Biermann (the famed engineer behind the surge of BMW M-Series performance), Kia has never been stronger than ever. (more…)

With Thanksgiving This Week, Let’s See What Each Kia is Thankful For

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
thanksgiving holiday table spread

2019 Kia Models Give Thanks for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is this week. If those words frightened you to read, believe me, they were just as frightening to write. It’s hard to believe the warm weather and long days of summer are in our rearview mirror now and we’re heading toward a season that’s full of miserable cold, frozen car windshields and perilous journeys over snow. (more…)

What’s Going on in Tampa Bay This Weekend?

Wednesday, November 21st, 2018
Tampa skyline with "What's going on in the area this weekend" image superimposed

Tampa Bay Events November 24 and November 25 2018

Hey, happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and yours are having or had a wonderful long holiday filled with delicious food, time with family and maybe even some guilt-easing exercise. (more…)

Kia’s Active Safety Features Keep Four Wheels on the Road

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018
low beam assist in 2019 kia sorento

What is Kia DRIVEWiSE Technology?

When it comes to embracing future technologies, many of us are rightfully skeptical. For every iPod, text messaging and Wi-Fi, after all, there’s a zip drive, Betamax tape and 3D television. Beyond simply the money it takes to be an early adopter and jump on most new technology before it hits the mainstream, this kind of avid experimentation is time-consuming and can leave one feeling jaded by the sheer number of products and tech which disappear seemingly overnight. (more…)

Direct Current 13: Checking In on the 2018/2019 Bolts

Monday, November 19th, 2018
direct current header image

Tampa Bay Lightning Progress November 2018

Here in Tampa Bay, we’ve got quite a bevy of sports to gather round and celebrate. While the Buccaneers may not be doing so great (at 3-7 following a narrow loss to the Giants over the weekend), the Bolts are always something for us to be excited about. Having nearly made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, the team electrified the division, conference and league last season, suffering only a few dips in form. (more…)

Can Anybody Beat the Kia Stinger?

Friday, November 16th, 2018
Kia Stinger on highway with color trail in tow

The Great Kia Stinger Sports Car Brawl

Earning the title of “sports car” means going above and beyond simply delivering your passengers from point A to point B. For this prestigious title, cars must offer a unique and singular focus on fun and athletics. These are vehicles you can whip around a track, engineered for precision control, expert handling and, of course, speed that will push you into your seat and suck the air out of your lungs. (more…)