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Kias in the News: June 2018

Kia News June 2018

Whatever your worldview, there’s a good chance you’re bummed out when you turn on the news. It seems like all anybody reports on is turmoil, violence and fear-mongering incidents. We feel that also and, as part of our civic duty, have taken an oath only to report positive and uplifting news. We do this once a month through our Kias In the News featurette, a short rundown of relevant news regarding Kia models and Kia Motors as a company. Read the rest of this entry >>

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Get Maximum Safety with Proper Mirror Setup in Your New Car

How Should I Set Up the Mirrors in My Car?

Despite technology like rear-view cameras and Kia’s Surround-View Monitor, the interior and exterior mirrors on your car remain an integral part of automotive safety. Unless you’re a vampire, mirrors can’t be shorted out or glitched. Unlike cameras and driver-assist technology, they provide a constant representation of what is behind or alongside your vehicle. Read the rest of this entry >>

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KiaFest 2018 Brings Music and Merriment to Our Own Backyard

2018 KiaFest New Port Richey Dates and Schedule

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the peak summer months is the prevalence of various cultural and music festivals. Usually built around a theme, these festivals bring people together, promote simple fun and give you the opportunity to experience the best flavors and entertainment a community has to offer. Read the rest of this entry >>

fireworks exploding for fourth of july

Where Can I Watch Those Beautiful Patriotic Pyrotechnics for Independence Day in Tampa Bay?

Fourth of July 2018 Fireworks in Tampa Bay, FL

Is there anything quite as time-honored and wonderful as fireworks for July 4th? If you think of anything that better celebrates the freedom and panache of the occasion, get it on a ballot – we’ll support it. As long as we have fireworks to so perfectly emblemize the independence of our nation, however, we’ll keep coming out every year and sitting on a banded lawn chair until the grand finale. Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 Kia Sportage with Surround View Monitor shown up close as sportage is backing up into parking space

Backin’ Up Isn’t Hard to Do with Kia’s Brilliant Surround-View Monitor

2018 Kia Models with 360-Degree Cameras

Reversing ain’t quite how it used to be. In our days, you had a mirror if you were lucky. In any case, you’d want to firmly grip the back of the passenger seat, crane your neck 180 degrees behind you and try and see through your rear window to make sure you weren’t hitting anything. Was it awful? No. Could it be improved? Yes! Read the rest of this entry >>

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Wonderful Things from Tampa Bay #2: Game Bars

Best Game Bars in Tampa Bay, FL

When you live somewhere that sees regular temperatures above seventy degrees and plenty of sun throughout the year, your definition of fun must jump up a level. While folks in Columbia, South Carolina, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho or Ely, Minnesota may think of an evening on a patio as a fun night out during the summer, this is par for the course for us in Tampa Bay. Read the rest of this entry >>

GT Badging on Kia Stinger

Get the Most Out of Summer with Luxury and Performance

What is a GT Car?

Because of its string-words-together-to-make-new-words nature, the German language is full of vocabulary for emotions and feelings we’re only able to vaguely describe in English. One of the best examples of this is “fernweh.” Fernweh could best be translated by using another German-rooted word as wanderlust. Its literal translation is “far-sickness,” making it the opposite of our familiar term “homesickness.” Read the rest of this entry >>

flashback friday text on image of 2002 kia optima

Flashback Friday: First-Generation Kia Optima

First-Generation Kia Optima History and Photos

Late bloomer movies were a big part of the 1980s cinematic and television landscape. These films or tv shows often featured a storyline where a homely, awkward or socially-rejected character undergoes a transformation that makes them conventionally-attractive. They taught us the positive life message that if we just change who are and cave to society’s rigid and narrow standards for beauty, people will finally treat us like human beings and stop knocking the textbooks out of our hands between classes. Read the rest of this entry >>