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That Thing There? Go Ahead and Bring It Along in the 2019 Kia Sorento!

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
2019 kia sorento parked on hill with text overlay 2019 kia sorento cargo space and passenger volume

2019 Kia Sorento Cargo Space and Passenger Space

As is apparent by the collective focus on travel, dining and amateur photography. We have a pretty big fascination these days with getting out into the world and experiencing brand-new things. Even for the most settled among us, there’s still a vein in everyone that runs rich with the lyrics to that timeless classic “Born Under a Wand’rin’ Star” from Clint Eastwood’s cowboy musical Paint Your Wagon. (more…)

Kias You Can’t Buy in the US: The Kia KM450

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
couple thinking about a Kia KM450, crying with money in their hands

Kia KM450 US Release Date and Availability

Between March 1958 and March 1964, American rock-and-roll legend Elvis Presley spent time as a soldier in the United States Army. During his active career, “the King” was stationed in Arkansas, Texas, New Jersey and Germany. As a member of the 3d Armored Division in Germany, Elvis served in a tank battalion which is cool. (more…)

What’s Going on in Tampa Bay This Weekend?

Thursday, May 24th, 2018
Tampa skyline with "What's going on in the area this weekend" image superimposed

Tampa Bay Events May 26 and May 27, 2018

Can you believe that Memorial Day is already here this weekend? It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we were thinking about how we were going to spend 2018 and what important things we were hoping to accomplish this year. (more…)

Celebrate the True Road Trip Warrior This Summer

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
Minivan month over glowing silhouette of 2019 Kia Sedona

June is Minivan Month at Friendly Kia

Sourced in the Bible, an old proverb says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” For those who pay attention to trends in interior design, fashion, music or anything else, you know that everything moves in cycles. Often, these cycles move in thirty-year trends with a generation in between to rebel against. (more…)

Kia Wins Two More Awards Signifying Commitment to Quality and Safety

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
2018 kia cadenza in white overlaid on trophies

Which is the Best Auto Company?

If you’re a fan of the show Mad Men, you know that for much of our recent history, advertising and marketing were about creating a need rather than providing a solution. Executives at firms like the fictitious Sterling Cooper agency spent billions of dollars trying to convince people they needed something in their lives. (more…)

What to Expect on the 2019 Kia Sportage

Monday, May 21st, 2018
2019 kia sportage silhouette on white background

2019 Kia Sportage Specs and Release Date – Presumed

The science of “trendsetting” is one of learning what made something catch fire and seeking to reinvigorate its future generations and spinoffs with that X-factor. As one of the first compact crossovers on the United States market, the Kia Sportage has grown to see its class go from one of a lonely few options to one that features vehicles from Lamborghini, Porsche and BMW. (more…)

When Will We See the 2019 Kia Forte on Friendly Kia’s Lot?

Friday, May 18th, 2018
glistening red 2019 kia forte from chicago auto show 2018

2019 Kia Forte United States Release Date

The unofficial motto around here for Kia as a brand is that Kia gives you way more for less. The Kia Forte has historically been a good example of this, delivering a sleek European-influenced style and robust comfort/convenience features to a class known for its absence of both. (more…)

What’s Going on in Tampa Bay This Weekend?

Thursday, May 17th, 2018
Tampa skyline with "What's going on in the area this weekend" image superimposed

Tampa Bay Events May 19, 2018, and May 20, 2018

As we sit a week out from Memorial Day, we’re all beginning to feel those summer vibes around Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete and more. More places are doing unique and fun things on the weekend and our locales have started to grow a bit congested with traffic from tourists. (more…)

In Which We Defend the Practical Family Mover That Scares America

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
Creation of Adam with 2019 Kia Sedona in place of Adam

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Minivan

Art is all about staying current. How often do you hear of a musician, writer or director who immediately after debuting to massive success and acclaim drops out of the spotlight? This is the band that has that one song that defined summer 2009 and now plays nothing but at county fairs in the Midwest. These are the writers who wrote an Academy-award-nominated movie, but now spend their time hawking mattresses and watches on their podcast that nobody listens to. (more…)

What’s Going on in Tampa Bay for Memorial Day 2018?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
Events for memorial day 2018 in tampa bay fl

2018 Memorial Day Events in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Further Horizons

Every day we wake up in a free country, we have the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces to thank. At Friendly Kia, we do our best to honor those still with us through extending the military service discount on Kia vehicles. (more…)