2018 Kia Sportage with Surround View Monitor shown up close as sportage is backing up into parking space

Backin’ Up Isn’t Hard to Do with Kia’s Brilliant Surround-View Monitor

2018 Kia Models with 360-Degree Cameras

Reversing ain’t quite how it used to be. In our days, you had a mirror if you were lucky. In any case, you’d want to firmly grip the back of the passenger seat, crane your neck 180 degrees behind you and try and see through your rear window to make sure you weren’t hitting anything. Was it awful? No. Could it be improved? Yes!

The advent of the backup camera has made backing into parking spaces and lanes of traffic both safer and easier. These days, you know exactly what’s behind you and not because you’re contorting your body like a set piece from Event Horizon.

If you own a car built within the last five or six years, chances are you use a backup camera every day. You may even take it for granted. They’re amazing and an integral part of our modern safety-consciousness.

How Does a 360-Degree Camera Work?

They’ve also experienced their own evolution within the last few years. We’re talking about 360-degree cameras. We know we’re old because this is the technology that really blows our minds. By stitching together images from multiple cameras and then imposing an image of the vehicle on top, you’re able to see your position in a tight parking space or how close you are to the giant boulder at the end of your driveway.

2018 kia sedona surround view monitor backing up into parking space

kia surround view monitor up close in instrument panel

When using the Surround View Monitor, you’re able to see your own vehicle’s place among its surroundings. This makes backing up and precision parking or parallel parking even safer.

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Which Kia Models Include Surround View Monitor?

For 2018, Kia has given this useful and safety-focused technology to several of its models. Among the most popular models to feature this innovative monitor are the following:

2018 kia optima in red driving on street

The sophisticated and spacious 2018 Kia Optima features Kia’s Surround View Monitor in its SX trim level.

2018 kia cadenza using radar tech to park

The executive 2018 Kia Cadenza features Surround View monitor to help you park, back up and avoid potential parking hazards.

As you can see if you’re wanting this unique and helpful feature, you have plenty of options. To schedule a test-drive with a Surround-View-equipped, new 2018 Kia model, contact us today!

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