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When is the Gasparilla International Film Festival This Year?

2018 Gasparilla International Film Festival Dates

If you’re somebody who likes knowing about the cool stuff before it drops, then film festivals are probably something you enjoy. Film festivals, after all, allow those really interested in movies, filmmaking techniques and storytelling to experience the media that will be the talk of the collective town for the next few months and into award season.

If you happen to live in the Tampa Bay area, you’re even luckier because there’s a massive film festival that happens every year right in your backyard. The Gasparilla International Film Festival (or GIFF) presents a smorgasbord of artistically-themed and independently-created films to the community with appearances by actors, producers and filmmakers from around the world.

GIFF is a massive opportunity to not only get a better look at the creative process behind filmmaking but to stay ahead of the trend and already have opinions on the art your snotty cultured friends are going to be talking about at length trying to elicit some form of “Gosh, Jason, you’re so smart” from you.

Except for this time, Jason will be the one whose jaw has dropped, when you share your thoughts on a film he’s been patiently waiting to pretend he saw.

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All joking aside, movies shown at the GIFF have established records of performance. Past-screened films include 2013’s crime-thriller The Iceman which starred Michael Shannon, 2014’s Enemy which starred Jake Gyllenhaal and was directed by Sicario– and Blade Runner 2049-director, Denis Villenueve and the Boys of Abu Gharib, also in 2014, which Featured Sean Astin.

Beyond independent efforts from well-known filmmakers and actors, the Gasparilla International Film Festival has always sought to highlight short films, locally-made films and those produced by local high-schoolers in a separate competition.

old film projector and reels next to itWhen Is GIFF 2018? Where is GIFF 2018?

We hope we didn’t talk ourselves out of a sale up there, but we love the GIFF! Beyond just us being huge movie fans, GIFF is fun, entertaining and gives you a peek at what to expect from awards-talk for the next year.

This year, the Gasparilla International Film Festival will be held March 20, 2018, through March 25, 2018. Screenings are distributed at theaters throughout Tampa including the Tampa Theater, Bryan Glazer JCC Theater, AMC Centro Ybor Theater, AMC Palm Harbor and more.

The full schedule, including events and passes/ticketing information, are available on the GIFF website, which you can reach by clicking here.

We’ll See You There!

While our documentary “How a 2015 Kia Soul Saved the Moon” was rejected multiple times by multiple independent film societies, deemed illegal by the Sovereign Government of Canada and declared a known health-risk by the state of California, we’ll still be there for a few of the days. It’s too big of an opportunity to miss.

You’ll notice us because we’ll have the most red-carpet car in the mix – the 2018 Kia Cadenza.

If film festivals just aren’t quite your thing, be sure to check back to the Local Events section on our blog. With so many festivals, events and spring training happening this month into April, there’s something in Tampa Bay for everybody.

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