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What Car Is Best for Dogs?

2018 Best Car for Dogs

Do you talk to your four-legged housemate as if he or she can understand English? Do you cringe when somebody uses the word “pet” to describe their fuzzy friend? Do you often scroll through photos of your canine companion when you’re on vacation?

We spared you our Jeff Foxworthy impression on this one, but it’s true that you may be a dog owner if any of these things apply! As pets (we promise to use this term very sparingly), dogs are more than just a part of your household, they’re a member of your family.

What Makes a Car Good for Dogs?

Your dog-friend is probably instinctive and can tell when you’ve had a difficult day (a “ruff” day?), or when you need some extra motivation to get going in the morning. While dogs will vary in their ability to, and affinity for, travel by car, the things that make a car a good one for a dog tend to remain consistent.

These factors are:

  • Interior space
  • Load Floor
  • Interior material/layout

A good car for dogs has sufficient space for your pooch. This is also relative, as dog breeds get as small as a Chihuahua and as big as a Great Dane. Still, you will want to make sure that whatever vehicle you find has ample space for your dog to do more than just exist.

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Just as important as space is the load floor height. Vehicles with a high load floor can be difficult for your dog to get into. This may not be true for an energetic Jack Russell Terrier puppy, but as your furry companion ages, his or her ability to jump will decrease. With the average length of car ownership being 6 years, it’s important to think about the future.

Even with smaller breeds that are loaded into the vehicle by hand, a high load floor can result in a nasty jump, should they decide to exit the car early in their excitement to see you/use the bathroom on long trips. So, a low loading floor is a must.

Finally, interior material and layout are important for a few reasons. If you’re using a kennel, the interior layout may not be conducive to holding the kennel flat. The presence of LATCH anchors is a must as you’ll want to attach your fuzzy housemate’s harness to an anchor for safety.

Interior material is important for upkeep, as shedding dog breeds (which accounts for most them) have hair that gets everywhere and loves to hold on to the woven cloth materials present in many automobiles. Leather or leatherette (vinyl) seating will help save you time vacuuming out your car.

Which 2018 Car is Best for Dogs

One car that ticks these boxes in a small package is the 2018 Kia Soul. The Kia Soul’s class-leading 61.3 cubic feet of subcompact space is bolstered by its second-row loading floor which is lower than other subcompact crossover competitors. If you want the second-row seats folded, the Soul has a tuck-away area underneath the rear cargo area for items you don’t want your puppy to get ahold of.

The 2018 Kia Soul Exclaim (!) has a dynamic leather seat, whose trim won’t attract or hold dog hair. The mid-trimmed Plus (+) also has an available leather seating trim which will do the same work at preventing unnecessary and tedious vacuuming.

Finally, with its unibody construction, you and your hairy passengers will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. If your dog is given to enjoying the breeze with its head out the window, the Exclaim’s turbocharged 1.6L engine will provide plenty of zip.

space in the 2018 kia soul shown from open rear window

rear space shown with seats up in 2018 kia soul

Also, long road trips go faster than before. With up to 31 highway miles per gallon in the Soul, you won’t be stopping as often to fill up. You may still need to stop to let Pickles use the bathroom, however.

The 2017 Kia Soul, which carries most of its central features and functionality into the 2018 model, was recognized by U.S. News and World Report as best car for dogs!

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