What to Keep In and Keep Out of Your Kia Vehicle’s Glove Box

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What Should I Keep in My Car’s Glove Compartment? 

Movies and television shows portray it all of the time: someone gets pulled over and pulls out their insurance and registration from their vehicle’s glove box. But is this really where you should keep these documents? Some experts argue the glove box isn’t always best. If you shouldn’t keep these key items in your vehicle, then what should you keep in your car’s glove compartment? 

Find out what to keep in and what to keep out of your Kia vehicle’s glove box in this guide from Friendly Kia.  

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Should I Keep My Vehicle Registration in My Car? 

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While the glove box in your Kia is a convenient storage space for loose receipts, your Kia owner’s manual, CDs, and cords, is this where you should keep your vehicle registration? Some experts argue that the glove box is the last place you should keep your registration — but why? 

If your Kia vehicle is stolen or broken into, the glove box will likely be the first place a thief will look for personal information or valuable items. Keeping your registration here will give them plenty of personal information to commit further crimes. Instead, keeping your vehicle registration in your wallet ensures you always have it with you while driving and it is never left unattended in your vehicle. The same goes for your insurance information. Leaving your insurance card in your car can give potential thieves access to key personal information.  

What to Carry in Your Kia Glove Box 

Keep in the Glove Box

  • Owner’s Manual 
  • Emergency Contact Numbers 
  • Medical Information (current medications, allergies, etc.) 
  • Car Escape Tool  

Keep Out of the Glove Box 

  • Vehicle Registration 
  • Vehicle Insurance 
  • Vehicle Title 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Wallet 
  • Valuables 

While keeping your vehicle insurance and registration in your vehicle is convenient, keeping it out of your glove box can save you a headache in the long run if your vehicle is ever broken into or stolen.  

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Vehicle Tips and Tricks from Friendly Kia 

The next time you clean out your Kia vehicle’s glove box, refer to this guide to see what you should keep in and keep out of your glove compartment. Our team at Friendly Kia loves to share handy vehicle tips and tricks with our readers. Check out the rest of the Friendly Kia blog to learn more dos and don’ts about vehicle ownership and find out how to do some easy at-home vehicle maintenance. Do you have a question about your Kia vehicle? Contact a member of the Friendly Kia service team today.  

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