When a Rio Isn’t Just a Rio

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Kia Model Names Around the World

Working with a partner like Kia, who has its self firmly established in nearly every market, means spending a lot of time seeing just how unique Kia’s lineup is beyond these purple mountains’ majesty and amber waves of grain. Every day, it seems like we’re learning about a new model that Kia has custom engineered, designed and developed for a market with unique needs and wants.

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Although market-specific models like the Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine, Kia Mohave Borrego and Kia Ray bring their own unique talents to the table for individual markets, it’s the way Kia markets the models that are shared across the world which we find most interesting.

Today, we’re going to look at your favorite Kia models and show exactly how their name changes depending on which market you are in. Some names, like the Kia Soul, Kia Sportage and Kia Stinger do not change between markets but others reveal something surprising.

Kia Model Names in Other Markets

Please note that models with a star indicate an equivalently-sized vehicle which does not share its platform with the North American Kia model.

North America Africa Asia Australia Europe Russia South America
Kia Rio Kia Rio Kia Picanto* Kia Rio Kia Picanto* Kia Rio Kia Rio
Kia Forte Kia Cerato Kia K3 Kia Cerato Kia Ceed* Kia Cerato Kia Cerato
Kia Optima Kia Optima Kia K5 Kia Optima Kia Optima Kia Optima Kia Optima
Kia Cadenza Kia Cadenza Kia K7 - - - Kia Cadenza
Kia K900 Kia Quoris Kia K9 - - Kia K900 -
Kia Sedona Kia Sedona/Kia Carnival Kia Carnival Kia Carnival Kia Carnival - Kia Carnival

front of kia picanto on cobblestone road in europe red color

In some markets, the Kia Picanto replaces the Rio as the smallest entry on Kia’s lineup.

2019 kia sedona exterior parked in front of big nice house

The Sedona, as we know it, gets a decidedly-more fun name in markets where it’s called the Kia Carnival

We put this chart together by browsing many Kia websites across the various markets listed. If we missed something, or if you’d like to schedule a test-drive with a worldly-wise new Kia model, we’d love to help! Contact Us today to get started.

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